Cub Scouting encourages closeness to family. The program will give you opportunities to take part in activities with your child that you normally couldn’t do. It provides a positive way for parent and child to grow closer together, and encourages you to spend quality time together. In this way, Cub Scouting is a program for the entire family, and your involvement is vital to the program’s success. Some specific things you can do to help your child in Cub Scouting are:
  1. Work with your child on projects
  2. Help your Cub Scout along the advancement trail
  3. Participate in monthly pack meetings
  4. Attend parent-leader conferences
  5. Go on family outings with your child and other Scout families
  6. Provide support for your child’s den and pack
The Cub Scout years are developing years for young boys and girls, falling between the dependence of early childhood and the relative independence of early adolescence. As they grow, your child will gain the ability to do more things “on their own,” but at this stage of their development, your help is critical.